How would it be, us teaching tea,
To whomever presented themselves ready?

Inviting them in to share our space.
A warm and relaxed look on our face.

Getting the water temp just so.
It affects the taste of the tea, you know.

On an adventure, we smell and choose.
Should we use bagged or something loose?

What kind of journey shall we take today?
A jasmine garden or the streets of Mumbai?

Listening close to the student who came,
Making you teacher of this tea game.

Brewing and tasting to bring out the best.
The delicate leaves will fulfill their quest.

Choose the cup which appeals to you.
A simple mug or a china blue?10004273965_2d0c5a89c5_z

Now we relax as we adore,
The sights and scents of the tea we pour.

Sipping and talking, enjoying the time.
Going slowly with tea is so sublime.

Something we notice when teaching tea,
Is that tea is the teacher which teaches thee.

©2011 Joanna DeRungs

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 This lovely poem was first published on T Ching on 10 January 2011, titled “Teaching Tea.”  We hope you enjoy it as much this time!