As is my wont, I was strolling around the World Tea News and found a post entitled Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Green Tea?”

Give me a break!

Was the title meant to shock the industry readers into reading the complete article?  The title clearly misrepresents information provided by the The American Journal of Gastroenterology, which was reporting on liver problems as a result of excess consumption of green tea extracts.  These extracts contain catechin counts in high doses – contributing to a potentially fatal liver disorder.

“The concern is not primarily green tea as it is steeped and consumed, but rather 4623146936_bcfe7e33f1_zgreen tea extracts which are being put into pharmaceuticals and supplements like weight-loss pills. The extracts in these pills put too many catechins, a polyphenol in green tea, into the body. Too many catechins can stop the mitochondria in the cells from being able to turn food into energy.”

83154603_66c49343e2_zThe research cautions green tea drinkers to consume only 3-4 cups per day.  I’d like to know where they got that information because people have been drinking green tea for thousands of years without any reported deleterious effects on the liver.  The International Symposium on Tea and Health does not suggest any limitations to green tea drinking for adults.  We could contact Dr. Herbert Bonkovsky, one of the lead researchers of this research, to ask where he got his recommendations because this report is an irresponsible suggestion that has the potential to turn people away from drinking green tea.  Doctors should be shouting from the roof tops the benefits of drinking green tea – not creating a shadow of doubt of potential harm.  

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