Sri Lanka has achieved another ‘first of its kind’ tea.  Ethically and environmentally friendly tea products are gaining momentum the world over. Thus, the Ozone Friendly Tea status has given a competitive advantage for Ceylon Tea as it can be marketed worldwide as an environmentally friendly product.  Understanding its significance is key to implementing this change in order to create a BIG impression around the world.

The vast bulk of the global tea output is from the big four producer nations India, China,4501088527_6cdf8e60a8_z Kenya, and Sri Lanka.  While India and China undoubtedly stand as the world’s biggest producers, the large majority of teas grown in these nations is used for home market consumption due to the high populations of both nations. Thus Kenya and Sri Lanka, with their smaller populations, are the world’s largest exporters of black tea.

Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island nation located south of India in the tropical waters of the Indian ocean. Its sandy beaches and picture postcard scenery in the central mastiff of the island has been home to some of the worlds finest teas for over 200 years.

However, Ceylon Teas as they are known – a name carried on from Sri Lanka’s colonial era – is also the world’s first O-Zone friendly tea. Yes that’s right: with each sip a discerning tea drinker of Pure Ceylon tea can also save the environment.

The case of: O-Zone Layer vs Methyl Bromide  

Methyl bromide (MB) also known as bromomethane, is an odorless, colorless but highly toxic, gas. Unfortunately, this chemical has been in widespread use in the agricultural industry since the 1930’s as a soil fumigant. Its use in the global tea industry is to eradicate nematode infestation, weeds, and other diseases from soils. MB is an O-Zone depleting substance (ODS). The 1987 Montreal Protocol on substances controls such chemicals. 196 countries ratified and committed to the reduction and gradual eradication of ODS from planting.

After years of research, Sri Lanka is the world’s first country to completely phase out MB in all tea plantations thus making tea from the country the world’s first “O-Zone Friendly Tea.”

Sip and Save 

With so many logos on consumer packets of tea and blends containing many teas from multiple origins, how can consumers be sure to know that they are buying a single origin product where the contents of the packet says contains only Ceylon Tea?

phoca_thumb_l_symbol of qualityA consumer looking for assurance should look to see the quality stamp. The Lion Logo is property of the Sri Lanka Tea Board. It assures that the tea packed is 100% Pure Ceylon Tea and that it has been packed at origin in Sri Lanka before being exported around the world.  PMD Teas use Pure Ceylon Tea in our award winning blends and supply garden fresh teas that are created at the height of quality seasons to discerning consumers.

With the changes in weather patterns globally we should all be looking to reduce the burden that we place on the planet. The humble cup of tea, a beverage steeped in more than 5000 years of tradition and history is certainly an easy way to begin with. Just search for the sword carrying lion on your tea packet and help fight global warming one cup of tea at a time!

You can learn more about PMD Tea here.

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