Month: July 2014

Tea Sage Hut: Global Tea Hut’s center in Miao Li, Taiwan

Baisao was an eighteenth century tea sage whose bright spirit illuminates our tradition in more than name alone. A Zen monk for most of his life,

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Tea times two

Along with Oscar Wilde, I am a firm believer that “Nothing succeeds like excess.” While it is doubtful that he was referring to the imbibing of tea, or cake, for that matter, I like to believe that he was.

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How a new tea garden is discovered

People often ask me how a tea grower can start to sell their tea through Tealet. Although we didn’t have a set procedure for vetting growers in place when I first started to connect with our original network of growers, we have realized the importance of digging deep to learn the true story of the garden before promoting their teas.

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Three Years Medicine: Aged White Tea

When I moved to China in 2010, I had already been interested in tea for about seven years. I had served tea to lots of people all over the world in a purely gregarious sense, and also in a professional capacity

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A word or two about tea bags

The period from 1904 to 1908 was a bellwether one for tea in the United States, or for those with more traditional tea-drinking habits, the beginning of the end of the practice of enjoying properly prepared tea…

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