For me, the Queen Mary was not a haunted ship.  Instead, it was a boon, where I became an American celebrity wearing a golden sherwani, escorted by the red haired Tealet fairy, Elyse Peterson.

Elyse earned the Best Media award for her revolutionary tea platform created for international business where small growers can showcase their products directly to the consumers. World Tea Media has decided to hold this extravaganza every year, all over America, where all the American tea glitterati will jostle for position to present their aspirations of cultivating their own teas, and in the near future becoming net exporters with their flavored teas overflowing the European shores.

DSC06305I felt the same some years ago when China National TV network catapulted me to fame as I declared myself to be the man who brought their stolen Darjeeling tea back to them. Now all the American chains are eyeing the rich bumper Chinese market, with Starbucks’ leading the pack. Maybe Gong Li will soon be presenting Darjeeling teas, clad in historic Tang dynasty robes. I sometimes laugh at myself for all these dreams, but as they say: dreams can come true if followed properly. I call upon the Indian tea industry to showcase their products properly, like Sri Lanka did, to get the right place for India’s wonderful teas.  

International tea shows, like the World Tea Expo, held all over the world, are part of the DSC06304assimilation process which acts as a balancing act to streamline the supply and demand equilibrium of this 90 billion US dollar industry. We participants are the actors, each trying, a bit like an ant carrying up to six times its body weight to build its cocoon around itself to safely enjoy its world. We are specks on the timeline which runs in streaks to light up its own sky. Let us do our best to spread the culture of tea which has been beautifully presented here.

DSC06161Let us assemble again in September 2014 in Canada, or October 2014, in China. We meet again and again and speak of all these stories world over as ambassadors of tea.

Images courtesy of the contributor.