Interesting how such a simple and almost obscure saying has been so widely embraced by the tea industry. Every wonder why?

I did. So, I went snooping.

As I joke with my millennial children – whom have never had to wonder about anything because of all the devices they’ve owned since birth, granting them access to the entire world – I am from the generation who had to wonder about things enough to take a trip to the library.

While wearing a tea cozy I purchased in London – yes, on my head, one which bore the cozy4saying, “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON,” one of my senior tea sippers shared her knowledge of this saying. Then my interest was truly piqued! Although she was not entirely correct with her version, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this saying that is embraced by the tea industry, and just about everyone else you can imagine – or not imagine.

ditea3This concise and accurate video link gives you a three-minute history lesson providing greater insight to the story behind the saying.

Of course, it makes sense that we use this British saying on our tea-related products because of the love for tea that comes from Britain.

Yes, there are also many variations of this saying. I’d be most curious to learn of some of these variations you all may have come across. Care to share any?

Let’s all just keep our calm and keep carrying on with our love for tea. The world needs bub13this.

I’ve seen: KEEP CALM AND MAKE TEA, KEEP CALM AND PRAY, KEEP CALM AND TRUST GOD, KEEP CALM IT’S FRIDAY, oh yes, there are many more out there!

Recurring theme? KEEP CALM!