At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Wrap 40 Exhibit, 200 mannequins contend in a pageant of one-piece garments that vary not only in fabric pattern and color, but also in sleeve length, collar style, trim, in whatever alteration that can be incorporated in the iconic wrap dress!  Shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length and there you have a piece tailored for sauntering, wandering somewhere, anywhere littered with autumn’s fallen leaves.   Halter and one-shoulder necklines glamorize the already glamorous evening look.   Jumpsuits are for Vespa aficionados on their way to disco retro parties.  For afternoon tea, perhaps the chic black and nude lace sheath with cheongsam collar?  Maybe even the floor-length spaghetti strap kimono if the aim is to amaze and amuse, to shine and outshine?  Designer Diane von Furstenberg continues to introduce variations of her most famous creation that has delighted the fashion world for 40 years.   

Wrap Dress 2 IfangTea is like the wrap dress, no?!  All Tea 101 lectures commence with an introduction of the singular camellia sinensis.  In China, prior to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), green tea was the Chinese tea.   Green tea was the Tea Sage Lu Yu’s tea.   Then imagination and experimentation fueled advancement and variation in tea processing, packaging, preparation, transportation, and gave birth to the myriad choices we relish today.

Tea infused beverages are definitely like the wrap dresses, or we would not have bubble tea – so called because of the bubbles in the shaken mix of tea and syrup.  And we would not have the myth behind Arnold PalmerWrap Dress 1 Ifang

Tea business is like the wrap dress too.  The packaging’s color scheme of Teavana’s Wrap Dress 2 IfangOprah Chai Tea product line is a combo of Dunn-Edwards’s waffle cone and haystacks.  The gift set box’s elegant laser die-cut design undoubtedly eclipses the gift itself.

Certainly there are creations that must not be altered.  No one has the desire to see another knock-off or variation of the Chanel  2.55, or the pattern argyle.  Just last week I came across a drink called egg honey juice – a concoction of raw egg, honey, and fruit juice.  Raw egg should not be consumed, period.  So please, no egg honey tea in my lifetime.  

Images courtesy of the contributor.