Month: May 2014

Longjing: what the real prices were in 2014

So let’s look at the real wholesale prices for Longjing tea, at least the first tea of the year, which is the most prized. This is the tea that is harvested before the Qing Ming Festival, which usually falls in the first week of April.

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An error in the reporting of Longjing prices

Every year there is much talk about the price of Longjing, 2014 being no exception. Most of the talk is hype, reporting the extraordinary prices that some Chinese businessman or government official has spent for Longjing.

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Dong Fang Mei Ren

Actually, it’s a funny story. It happened in Taiwan during the Japanese Ruling Era. It is said that there was a tea farmer who was very lazy and did not take good care of his tea.

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A call to cups: ITCC’s 4th annual cup warming at WTExpo

For the fourth consecutive year, the International Tea Cuppers Club is pleased to host its signature Cup Warming at the World Tea Expo in Long Beach, CA.

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