Once again, World Tea News, the industry leader in tea related information, informed me. This time it was regarding potential changes taking place from the FDA regarding the labeling of beverages.  

WTN140317_FDA-Labeling_ARTPotentially, this will impact the producers of RTD (ready-to-drink) teas. I applaud the efforts. I have never been a fan of the FDA but I’m encouraged that they’re considering these changes. The proposed label will make it easier for consumers to get accurate information about their beverage selection.  The number of calories will be prominently displayed and the quantity contained in the bottle will clearly reflect the serving size.  No longer will a 16 ounce bottle state it contains 2 servings and only provide 1/2 the caloric information – when we know that most consumers are drinking the entire 16 ounces in one sitting.  I see this as a step in the right direction from the FDA.  They are supposed to be the protectors of public health, informing us about our food choices.  To date, I believe they have been more aligned with corporations and agro-business than the American people.  If they step up and get their priorities straight, it will help the general public have a better understanding of the food they’re consuming and perhaps why they’re gaining weight at such an extraordinary rate. 

I hope it will encourage more RTD tea companies to produce healthier and less sugary tea beverages.  No reason to take this most healthy beverage, TEA, and make it high in calories due to added sugars. Let the bottle of RTD tea be a shining example that a delicious drink can be a healthy drink.   

The FDA is requesting public opinion, so I urge each and every one of you to please make your preferences heard.  It’s time we take responsibility for our own health, as well as encouraging the improved health of our fellow citizens.