If your love for tea is like mine, then you love to incorporate tea into your daily life in any way possible. Every time I have an event, outing, or afternoon off, I think of how to incorporate tea. If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know that I planned a tea party for my sister’s bridal shower and organized a Christmas tea party. I love sharing my love for tea and showing loved ones how delicious and fun it can be. Here are a few practical ideas for incorporating tea into various life events:

Wedding Day: You can take your love for tea to another level by including tea in your wedding. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day, which I would like to be very small, intimate, and as eco-friendly as possible. For wedding party favors, I’ve been thinking of giving some of my favorite teas. You could put the tea in a small tin, canister, or little bag to share your love of tea with all of your guests.

Bridal Shower / Birthday Party: At my sister’s bridal shower, our party favors were antique teacup sets that we found in thrift stores all over Los Angeles. As part of the gift, we brewed each guest’s tea of choice, which they sipped throughout the shower. It was a wonderful theme and a great way to incorporate my love of tea.

Holidays: I’ve been thinking about holidays with my family and new traditions we could make. We have a small family, and with a few of our family members moving out of state, we decided we to create some new traditions to keep things fun and full of love! I had the idea of a tea swap, where everyone would bring their favorite tea and a new tea that they have always wanted to try. It brings a healthy twist to holidays that might otherwise be filled with eggnog or hot chocolate.  

Mother’s Day / Father’s Day: Show your parents how much you love them by giving them tea. I personally have given my mother tea on multiple Mother’s Days. There are many types of tea samplers, or you could arrange a tea of the month for your gift recipient, like the one Teavana offers. Tea is a great gift to give to encourage health and wellness in a parent’s life.

There are many other ways to incorporate tea into life events, but I hope these few simple ideas will help you start doing it. Enjoy!


This post first published on the blog on August 21, 2012.