Month: April 2014

The rite of spring

One of the greatest differences between American tea culture and Chinese tea culture is that, by and large, American tea enthusiasts will have knowledge of a broad variety of teas while in China, there is a focus on the local teas of the region.

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Where are they now?

Could it be true? I started writing for T Ching in 2009? Time flies! And life moves on. It made me wonder about some of the companies and tea entrepreneurs I have written about over the years and where they are now.

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Tea & Poetry: a fitting match!

April is National Poetry Month! Last week, T Ching announced its Second Poetry Contest. You can review that post for the rules; deadlines, and cool prizes. For today, here are a few tea poems from Garden Party Teas:

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Phoenix Mountain Single Tree Oolong

During April in North Guangdong province at an altitude of 4,500 feet, 100-year-old Oolong trees are harvested for their young shoots, which are then oxidized to 45%, fired under medium heat, and meticulously crafted all along the way. These single-branch cultivars…

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