I like to do ‘series’ posts on our Facebook page, and the current one is photos of famous people drinking tea.  When I started searching, some devotees to tea were expected; some were surprising.  Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a big fan of green tea?   In fact, the other night we were watching the one reality show my husband enjoys, “Beverly Hills Pawn.”  A participant brought in a teapot used by Joe DiMaggio during his short marriage to Marilyn Monroe, confirming her love of tea.  4776464556_1e362c8e20

Of course, the Queen and all the royals of England are expected to take a sip, as are famous British musicians such as the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Ozzy Ozbourne. But did you know that the U.S.’s own Lady Gaga is such a big fan of tea that it’s rumored several companies have tried to woo her as a spokesperson?

Then there is a photograph of a  star from my home city of Temecula, Katy Perry.  And there are other entertainers and assorted famous persons, past and present, across a wide geographical and generational range including Ashley Judd, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, David Niven, one of the Captains of the Starship Enterprise, Patrick Stewart (Earl Grey), Tom Cruise (shown in one photo at a tea party with his daughter), James McAvoy, Al Pacino, Bono, the Rolling Stones, Prince, Alfred Hitchcock, Freddy Mercury, Mike Tyson, Albert Einstein, Natalie Portman, Sting, Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, former President Kennedy, President Obama, and Scarlett Johansson.  And that’s just a small sampling!

Unknown-8 (1)How about movie scenes involving tea?  My favorite is this one from Giant, with the unlikely James Dean serving Elizabeth Taylor afternoon tea in the middle of the dry, untamed Texas ranchland. 

All these famous tea drinkers simply reflect the diversity..and good taste…of tea drinkers all over the world.  Cheers!

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