Month: February 2014

From Russia with (tea) love

Every tea drinking country seems to have an interesting history with tea. As the recent Olympics and Sochi fade from view, it is worth remembering that few countries have traveled a more interesting path to tea than Russia.

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Earl Grey: a classic with a long history

Earl Grey may be my favorite flavored tea ever. You either love it or hate it. My husband can’t stand Earl Grey. It’s like chai in that way. There seems to be no neutral ground.

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UNBAG the green tea Kit Kats! Uji Matcha celebrated

In The New Yorker article entitled Flipping Supreme, the owner of Unique Hype Collection, an NYC retail establishment, recounted one of his business ventures:

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What’s the best way to brew? A comparison of tea infusers

If you love loose leaf tea, it can be hard to find and figure out what tools to use when brewing your tea. For instance, if you try Googling “tea infusers,” you wind up with about 484,000 search results and a mind-boggling array of different choices.

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