One of the more interesting news tidbits over the last few days has been the report of a “craft” residing on the moon, having just moved in a few days ago.  Probes have been launched from Earth. Speculation, ranging from “War of the Worlds” to conspiracy-theory photo shop hoax,  is widespread. Confused and concerned,  I consulted Milton, my space geek friend.

“What do you make of it, Milton?” I asked as he poured steaming oolong into large mugs, “are we being invaded?”

“Not bloody likely,” he sipped his tea noisily, “any intelligent beings capable of landing and launching spacecraft of this nature know that Earthlings have pretty much fouled their nests.”

“Milton!  C’mon, we invented civilization, democracy, religion –“

6041458817_6881bc327a“That’s enough!  Why would any sentient being want the greed and the war? Not to mention the land use regulations!   Nope, “they” are sitting on the moon saying, ‘Oh fudge, how on Earth (oops) do we get out of this?’ “

“You know, Milton, maybe they just want to do a little sightseeing, pick up a few souvenirs?”

“You got me.  What could we possibly offer visitors from so, so far away?”

“Chocolate?  The Rose Bowl Parade?  The Great Wall?  Jazz?  Tea?”

“Tea.  Tea, you say?  Hmmmmm,”  Milton carefully poured himself a cup from the second steep, and inhaled its fragrance.   “Yeah, greet them with tea.  ‘What do most earthlings do with water?’  I can see an intergalactic market for earth’s tea . . . “

I left him to that dreamy look he gets when he fantasizes in his get-rich-quick-mode.  Like always, two cups of tea turned doom and gloom into anticipation.  I imagined those folks stranded in that Chicago-sized crater on the moon could use a good cuppa right now.  The same is so for all of us.  (Here is a photo of the ship.)  

What tea would you offer someone who had been traveling light years? 

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