In our office at Sencha Naturals, we drink green tea every day. (It comes with the territory, right?) But what’s interesting is that none of us were tea drinkers when we first started with the company. Yet through the years, our small, diverse group of once-non-tea drinkers has come to appreciate subtle grassy notes and unsweetened whole-leaf tea.

GT+C 3 PacketsAs we intuitively reach for the simplest steeps (“Keep it Simple, Sencha”), we’ve also been increasingly surprised at just how many people reach for those sugary orange Vitamin C packets as their daily habit. Even people who are otherwise very finicky with their diets & lifestyles.

Wait, what is that stuff, anyway? A popular fizzy drink mix made of mostly sugar, with synthetic vitamins & minerals added. (Hint: it rhymes with “insurgency.”) And people drink it religiously. 

But, hold on a minute. Sugar isn’t the best thing for you when you’re sick. Plus those isolated supplements aren’t exactly natural. And by the way, your body can’t actually absorb that much Vitamin C at once (do you really need 1,667% of anything?), so… what exactly are people getting out of their daily packet of that sugary stuff? Is this just placebo and marketing at its best?

We thought we could do better, and so Green Tea +C was born.

We’ve created a natural effervescent drink mix based on whole foods, not synthetic 2 Cups Infographicvitamins & minerals. Unlike the mainstream brand that lists sugar as its main ingredient, our first ingredient is Organic green tea. Our blend of whole-leaf Japanese sencha and matcha provides a nice combination of catechins for your antioxidant boost, as well as L-theanine for focused relaxation.

Recent studies have shown that Green Tea and Vitamin C have a synergistic relationship (they boost each other’s antioxidants), so it only made sense to combine the two. We chose Acerola Cherries for their high Vitamin C content, with each packet containing 300% DV of natural Vitamin C, an amount the body can actually assimilate.

The formula is rounded out with coconut water powder for hydrating electrolytes, and a traditional herbal blend of turmeric, ginger, and Organic orange peel for immune support.

Green Tea +C is natural, vegan, sugar/gluten/GMO-free, and blended in small batches at our Los Angeles facility. It is low in caffeine (about 10mg per packet), and available in three flavor varieties: Original, Dragonfruit, and Citrus Ginger. For our TChing readers, we’re extending a special 20% promotion! Enter code “ILUVGTC” at checkout, and let us know what you think!

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