tea_basket_2With the holiday season beginning earlier every year, it’s never too soon to start planning for ways to take full advantage of the growing popularity of tea as a must-have gift for holiday shoppers.  A beautiful tea gift set can change the gift exchange from a “Thanks” to a “Whoa!” with the memory of that experience tied to your brand.  Many of our fair trade gift boxes can be found around my home, far too beautiful to be recycled.

I have never been a fan of traditional gift wrapping, which can be very wasteful.  A sustainable tea box solves this problem while telling a story.  I enjoy sharing our story when I re-use one of our boxes for a gift to friends or family.  It brings a smile to my face to tell them about my experience visiting our amazing artisans in Southeast Asia, proud of the positive impact that I can stand behind.

I collect numerous tea stockpiles at home and at the office from our friends at Rishi Tea, Tealet, Tiesta Tea, and TeaGschwendner.  Another great use for tea gift boxes is as cool storage.  Whether you look at my coffee table, my kitchen island, or my work desk, you are bound to be drawn to the handmade boxes you see to explore what’s inside (and drink all of my tea).  If we were able to lock our natural gift boxes, it might allow me to keep my favorite teas from magically disappearing.    

Whether your brand’s mission is organic, handmade, or fair trade, custom, keepsake boxes bring excitement, while building on your “brand experience.”  Distant Village is a leader in sustainable packaging.  Our cradle-to-cradle approach combines brand strategy design, natural plant-based materials, and the empowerment of fair trade artisans.  We are proud members of Green America, the Social Venture Network, and the Fair Trade Federation.


This post first appeared on T-Ching May 27, 2013