Just one of the beauties of tea is the comfort of the process: measured quality whole leaf, purified water brought to a boil and steeped for a measured few moments.  The brew is cradled, inhaled, and savored. One cup leads to another and another.  Tea drinking becomes the glue, the dance, and the chorus of life lived large.  It is easy to obtain quality coffee while traveling.  Even the meanest mini-mart in Nowhere offers a double-skinny latte.

The tea drinker has more options, mind you, but none of them good: pack Lipton and rip the filter out of the motel-room coffee maker; pack your own whole leaf in disposable bags and beg hot water from restaurants; bring your own little tea pot and . . . 

IMG_0715Recently, TeaVert came up with a disposable infuser that is nothing short of brilliant, winning both the New York editors’ choice award for the best new product in food and beverage category, and at Madrid Fusion, the international Congress of Gastronomy new design award.  Packed with your choice of whole leaf – green, oolong, or black – these white birch infusers fit snugly over the rim of your mug. They impart no flavor of their own to interfere with the tea flavor, are good for at least three steeps, and look absolutely beautiful in the cup!


 Images courtesy of Sabre Scout Rafelson; happy participant in tea sampling.