ID-100148991On my infrequent forays to the liquor store, I am intrigued by the hangover remedies conveniently placed next to the cash register. “Hangover Helper,” Chaser, PreToxx, and RU 21 are just a few. What is it about alcohol that makes us purchase a product so harmful that we willingly embrace the “cure” sold so close to the “cause”? Imagine if soft drink vending machines included diabetes medication and toothpaste to the wares for purchase? You’re right, it probably wouldn’t deter purchase of the soda any more than it deters purchase of alcohol.

The term “hangover” refers to those physical symptoms caused by consumption of too much alcohol. Whether you’re drinking beer, wine, brandy, or whisky . . . too much will make you sick. Symptoms include headache, low-blood sugar, and dehydration. Alcohol puts a huge burden on our livers to convert poison – alcohol – into a less toxic stomach. The liver can complete this conversion at the rate of one ounce per hour – the amount contained in one beer, a glass of wine, or a mixed drink. If you consume at a faster rate – or too much – over the course of an evening, your liver has to work overtime, and you’re going to pay for it. Those awful morning-after symptoms are caused by each of your organs holding up a “We do 99% of your dirty work” sign after your night of indulgence.

Last week, T-Ching published a post by Courtney Walker about a tea-based hangover remedy. Most of the ingredients listed – pu’erh, jasmine, ginger, lemon – aren’t all that different from many blends found in tea stores and high-end supermarkets all over the country.

GoMo tastes good enough to drink even when you haven’t overindulged. Using water heated to 208 degrees and steeping for 45 seconds as the label suggests, the first sips holler ginger on the palate, followed by the earthy murmur of pu’erh. Succeeding steeps each added 15 seconds, for which the second steep is still dominated by the warmth of ginger backed up by a well-worn leather impression from the pu’erh. On the third steep, sweet jasmine peeks through as the ginger makes way by weaving through the pu’erh. Even the fourth steep was worth the hot water, tasting clean and refreshing. I’ve often found pu’erh to taste muddy after several steeps, but with GoMo muddiness never dominates the taste.

GoMo – Good Mood allows you to Go More – stands alone as an enjoyable beverage. If you’ve had a few too many, it will rehydrate you as it gives your liver an assist in purging the toxins of alcohol consumption. Ask for GoMo at your liquor store or pharmacy, or check it out here.

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