Month: October 2013

Eco-Cha: A tale of two teas

Editor’s note: This week at T-Ching is devoted to Taiwan tea. Today’s post reviews two teas, a black and an oolong; Monday featured an interview with a tea farmer; Tuesday’s article is about what goes into artisan tea; on Thursday, we’ll examine some of the current literature about tea, and Friday will feature one of the best of the best of previous posts about Taiwan.

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What is artisan about artisan tea?

As people interested in premium teas, we have all been exposed to the term “artisan” used in many contexts. This begs the question as to, what actually defines a tea as being artisan?

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27 steps of Wuyi tea art

Oolong tea is considered by some connoisseurs to be the ultimate in the art of tea. Not just its manufacture but also the way in which it is enjoyed.

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