times_square_trafficThis tea takes 5 minutes to brew? (frowny face) Sit down and relax with a pot of tea for half an hour?? Thirty minutes??? OMG!!!!

It’s questionable whether a traditional warm, fuzzy, “serenity now” tea marketing message hits the mark with the younger generation. To be blunt, the qualities of tea advertising that appeal to middle-aged women, aka “mom”, (the actual prime tea sales demographic), probably don’t excite younger customers. Energy drinking, coffee guzzling, trend-driven, distracted consumers for whom tea can seem… quaint.

Are these gross generalizations? To be sure, yet they point towards a tea messaging disconnect. After all, it is this younger generation that many in the tea industry point to as the source of exponential growth in specialty teas. The younger generation “gets” the good health, good tea connection. Do they? And if they do, when does convenience or the perceived lack thereof, create a counter balance that tips the scales against choosing healthy teas?

A fully developed product category can support segmenting into smaller niche divisions. Specialty teas are certainly moving in this direction, although few tea companies will risk success with one tea customer demographic to tweak their marketing for another tea tribe. For those willing to take the risk, the tea fountain of youth awaits them. Or not, LOL.