Four billion kilos of tea is produced annually in the world which is consumed by seven billion people living on planet earth, with no inventory of stock to carry over. This statistic is growing in every direction – north, south, east, and west. A very healthy industry, growing vertically, yet revolution is a word very seldom attached to tea.  As culture and colors – all of them – white, yellow, green, blue, golden, red, dark and black are associated with tea –  wars were fought for it to be cultivated, processed and traded. Tea changed the course of history.

True, well, BUT…

It was confiscated, stolen, destroyed, faked and certified in every dimension, honestly ID-10094511and dishonestly.  Now tea is used as an economic tool to repair the ills of mega-economics. Pesticides, fungus, heavy earth elements, iron filings, and other residues are measured at every nook and cranny, allowed per whims and fancies of the lobbies running the governments. Inter-Governmental Groups on Tea run by UNO’s FAO are too slow to recognize the fact that DDT molecules take fifty years to disintegrate, and chromium is present in every country’s water.  These governing bodies distort the reports, helping the importers to lower their costs.

We need a new net-friendly world tea trade regulatory body to oversee and control industry standards to help safeguard the interests of small tea growers, which are increasing in number by leaps and bounds.  A wave of companies like Tealet are putting consumers and growers at the table to get better deals so growers can realize their dreams of presenting better and healthier teas to the consumers.

 A new era has started…..

 A new dawn has broken out…

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