teacupEvery now and then, it is important to rethink the “truths” we cling to.  Sort of like cleaning out the garage, basement, or the car .  .  . the process is painful, but the result is bliss.  Consider the following preconceived notions about our favorite beverage, and the painful truths.*

1. Tea is served in pretty cups with saucers.  

Tea can be served in a ceramic mug, bowl, stainless steel thermos, double-walled glass, or a calabash.  If you have none of these, you may resort to a pretty cup with saucer.

2.  Tea is served at 4:00 P.M. with scones, cookies, and cakes.

Tea is being served somewhere in the world every minute all day long.  Most of it is served “neat,” with nothing else.  The author has applied for a grant to complete an extensive and definitive study answering the question, “Is one scone really enough?”  It might take years.scones

3.  People who drink tea mind their manners and avoid coarse language.

Who the %&#@ came up with that @$&* idea?

4.   If it doesn’t come in a bag, it isn’t tea.

 Tea comes in tins, cakes, loose leaf, and in bags.  Would anyone ever say “It isn’t wine if it doesn’t come in a box?”

5.  Real tea drinkers extend the pinky finger holding the tea cup while they are sipping.

 The extension of the pinky finger is usually seen when drinking out of a floral cup as the other hand cradles the saucer.  Not only does this practice look silly, it is considered rude. NEVER extend the pinkie.

6.  Males, left alone in a room with a tea cozy, will inevitably try it on.

You don’t really want to know the dirty truth about this one.

 This list of truths is incomplete, of course.  Readers are invited to add to it so that together, the truth about tea will set us free!

*The opinions contained herein are not endorsed by the management.  

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