dharlene senior sippersHas our “Greatest Generation” become a ‘forgotten generation?’

Anchorman, Tom Brokaw coined the phrase; GREATEST GENERATION. This refers to those born during The Great Depression and this generation – “rebuilt America into a superpower.” And now, for the most part, they have become a forgotten generation.

But not by me – I bring them TEA!

I serve them – educate them – entertain them and honor them – with tea.

In almost a year and a half of bringing tea into senior communities, I cannot tell you of the joy this has given me. I come from the prairies of Saskatchewan with both parents born during the Great Depression. I heard stories of this time period my whole life and most of these were not good stories. Oh, yes, they were part of the big ‘dust bowl’ as well. Most of Saskatchewan was blown away at the same time as the plains of America were being grabbed by this dusty wind terrorist. This was a generation that grew up knowing true hardship, and despite all of that, they were the ones that put North America back together at the end of World War ll and turned it into a “superpower.” And now what has become of them?

Most are in senior communities in your state, in your city and even right there in your Dharlene Augustneighborhood. With the upper ages of the Baby Boomers now joining these senior communities – guess what? A whole lot of folks are now ready to sit down and enjoy tea and a whole lot of folks are longing for attention and affection. Some senior communities bring me in twice a month – this means I see some of them – most of them – more often than their own families.

Does our Greatest Generation deserve to be forgotten? Heck no!

Can a cup of tea put a smile on their faces? You bet it can! I have seen it over and over again. One joy-filled hour can do the human heart and soul so much good. To hear this at the end of a tea talk and demonstration, “I have lived for over 80 years and I learned more about tea in one hour than I knew in my whole life time,” brings me tremendous delight.

As I have shared the photos of my San Diego Senior Sippers via social media, I must also share that several tea companies have seen the joy these events provide and have offered to send me their products in order for me to continue introducing tea to our seniors. How wonderful is that? I certainly welcome more if anyone else is interested in contributing tea to our Greatest Generation. I will say the general preference among the seniors is for flavored teas along with herbal blends.

I do not sell tea to our seniors – I spoil them and make them feel special for one hour of sipping tea – and they totally deserve it.

My mother came from a family of 13 children and my father from a family of 8, so at many of my events it is as if I am looking at all my aging uncles and aunts, so it feels very much like home and I know this is what our seniors miss the most. A sense of home, of company, of taking out the ‘good’ dishes and serving something special and serving it with love – and that’s what I do – and I do it with TEA.

I’d like to personally thank and mention the names of the companies that have sent me tea to share with my senior sippers: Lochan Tea, Global Organic Teas, Tea Affaire, Tea of a Kind, Jas-eTea, Afternoon to Remember, World Flavorz, Daokrajai Tea, Caiyunjian Tea, and EnlighTea.