As I begin my journey and explore the world of tea, I feel it is important for me to seek out ID-10027812local tea merchants and ask if they would be willing to spend a bit of their time with me; share their knowledge – and personal story – of how they became involved with loose leaf tea. I welcome readers of this blog to provide their suggestions as to where I could expand my knowledge of the world of tea. If you know of websites or articles,  I would welcome your comments. Information about tea distributors located in Canada would be of great help.

The more I read about the different experiences people have with tea, it is clear to me that Tea,  with all its different varieties, combined with the palate of the drinker – that  each individual experience is as unique as the teas themselves. I cannot help but compare it to wine, for each particular winery and the region it comes from has a unique grape and the aging process adds to the complexity and flavour of the wine. Each person’s experience, and how wine tastes, will be different.  Each person’s palate and preference are different. Some prefer black tea, some prefer green, oolong and so on.  Some wines become better with time.  Pu-erh tea becomes better with aging and depending how it is processed through its slow oxidation, becomes more expensive and sought after the older it becomes.ID-10063961

Please share with me your thoughts and preferences as I expand  my knowledge of the world of tea.   

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