I recently began a new journey in my life as a result of no longer being content or satisfied with my career path. I have worked in the financial industry for about 20 years and like so forest_path_editmany these days, began to question what I was doing and whether it was providing me with the satisfaction and purpose it once did. I felt that the financial world, and especially those at the top, has lost its moral compass. I could no longer identify or be a part of an industry that has become so self-serving.

So I decided to leave the industry and try to find a path more aligned with my ideals and passion, but more importantly, that I could believe in once again. The area of interest as it impacts all of us is our health and wellness. I noticed – not sure if the readers of the blog have noticed as well – that people of all walks of life have started to take command of their own health and wellness like never before. Maybe it is a result of the web and the vast amount of information that is now at our finger tips. Maybe it is the result of more attention being placed on organic foods along with opposition to GMO’s and the lack of information about the long term health impacts of this experiment on our health – not to mention the massive processed food industry. Whatever it is, I believe an awakening is taking place where people are starting to take their health and well-being into their own hands.

For me, tea is a natural part of this whole process.  I have always had a love for tea, even though I drink coffee as well.  It is tea that I view from the perspective of not only its health benefits, but its personality, variety, and complexity. I hope to be able to share with the readers of this blog the tasting experience of these exotic tonics. 

With luck, I would love to set up an on-line tea business where I can offer a small selection of high quality loose leaf teas. This whole journey is about discovery and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

 Whatever path of discovery we take, it is never a waste of time.  The knowledge and experience that we gain can help to enrich and expand our horizons. Something is stirring in the hearts of men.  Maybe it is part of an awakening to what is truly important to us, or maybe it is a cleansing as we  begin to rediscover ourselves.  Just maybe tea, with its long history and ceremonial rituals is a part of that process of rediscovery. As with tea and the numerous varieties and personal preferences, each journey will be different.  I hope you will join me on my journey, as I will update this blog from time to time letting you know how the discovery of tea is progressing for me.