As the founder of a matcha tea company, Zen Green Tea, I am often asked about the weight loss properties of matcha. Before starting my business, I was a huge green tea fan. I used three teabags per cup to maximize the antioxidants and the weight loss I felt I achieved from the tea.

matcha_openSince I have always had an interest in science, I spent a lot of time researching matcha to find out if it was really as healthy as its reputation suggested and what exactly the clinical studies were showing when it came to its benefits, such as weight loss. What I found in my research was strong scientific support for the health benefits of matcha. But what about the science behind matcha and weight loss?

Traveling through Asian countries, you immediately notice that the population as a whole is slender. In researching matcha, I discovered how the amino acids unique only to green tea profoundly assist in weight loss and management by influencing how fat is processed in the body and how energy is utilized by the cells.

Clinical trials on rats have highlighted that those consuming green tea did not gain weight when fed a high-fat diet in comparison to those not given green tea. This was theorized to be due to the tea catechins inhibiting the breakdown and absorption of fat in the large intestine. A study by Kao et al (2000), published by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, reported the following:

“… long-term consumption of green tea may decrease the incidence of obesity and, perhaps, green tea components such as EGCG may be useful for treating obesity.”

This highlights how matcha tea works to suppress your appetite through regulating hormones, such as leptin, which tell your brain that you are satisfied and full.

Furthermore, in another study published by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, it was reported that frequent consumption of quality green tea enhances the efficiency of the human body in utilizing energy. The research showed that the daily energy expenditure rate of adults increases 35-45% with regular consumption of green tea. So matcha green tea actually can increase your body’s ability to burn energy by up to 45%!

There is a huge number of studies outlining similar findings that green tea – especially matcha – assists with weight loss and the prevention of weight gain. I have received many emails from my customers telling me they have lost weight. When my mother was trying to lose weight, I encouraged her to drink a strong cup of matcha before her morning walk and she noticed her weight loss doubled, which is pretty incredible!

What I do suggest is that you buy matcha from a good source that is both fresh and vibrant green. This ensures you are getting the maximum nutritional and antioxidant profile. You wouldn’t eat month-old broccoli and expect it to be full of nutrients – matcha is the same!


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