Month: June 2013

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

As many of you know, I’m a long-time fan of Oprah Winfrey. Her television shows have introduced the world to countless important life lessons over the years. I have made a habit of taping her Super Soul Sunday and Master…

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Tea: Just what the doctor ordered

Hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters – places of last resort that often evoke sadness and fear. People rarely go to them willingly. Although they may be the best places for us at times, these institutions lack the comforts of home and the sense of security…

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Tea with a local twist

In my last post for T Ching in December, I wrote about our plans to move our retail store from a plaza to an old downtown tourist area. However, after spending more time looking at the layout of the space and the traffic flow on…

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A Taiwanese tea workshop in Singapore

Just a few weeks ago, I attended a Taiwanese Tea Workshop. It was run by two tea-loving friends, Hongyuan and Jacquelyn, who recently set up a little tea education outfit called Pekoe & Imp. They’d been regaling me with lovely tales of their Taiwan tea…

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Tea mysteries

With titles like Death by Darjeeling, Chamomile Mourning, and Oolong Dead, are Laura Childs’ Tea Shop Mysteries giving tea drinking a bad name? Theodosia Browning, the series’ protagonist and proprietress…

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