teatanicRecently, I was approached by a talented, young German artist, Gordon Alder, to try his unusual tea bag holder – the Tea.Tanic.  It represents the titanic, which, when cleverly hitched to the side of your favorite cup or mug, appears to be sinking.  Here’s what he had to say about his Tea.Tanic:

“How does one go about celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of a tragic accident in which 1,514 people died? You make a tea bag holder, of course! The Tea.Tanic (€11; roughly $14) is designed to resemble the ill-fated RMS Titanic, crafted from stainless steel with a mug-filling body that allows you to press on its sides to squeeze out all available goodness. Play ‘My Heart Will Go On’ while drinking to complete the experience.”

Gordon Alder, whose pursuits range from photographer to designer for the auto industry, has sold over 2,000 of his tea bag holders.  His product, which can be purchased from his Tea.Tanic site, is his first foray into the tea industry.