naomiDrawing a simple stick figure is the extent of my artistic abilities.  Honestly, even that might be stretching it.  It’s not really a problem as I am more than willing to accept my lack of artistic ability.  But every once in a while, I’ll catch Bob Ross on PBS painting his happy little trees, making it look so easy, and I see a small glimmer of artistic salvation for me.  

A few years back, my sister and her husband attended one of those Wine and Canvas type of bars in Chicago.  You know … drink wine while an instructor walks you through a masterpiece creation.  She posted pictures on Facebook and the whole thing looked like a ton of fun.  Especially the wine part.  I immediately pulled up my “To Do” list (since I have lists for everything) and added a “Tea + Art” type of event to it.  

Why it took me a couple of years to put something like this together is beyond me, but fate led me to a gentleman by the name of Ed.  Ed teaches art classes – different media, different techniques, different hair, but in that same soothing voice as Bob Ross.  On April 17, we launched our very first “Blend and Brew” – an art + tea class at Selah {an art salon}.  The focus of our class was on creating a painting of a beautiful cherry blossom tree and sampling four green teas.  We talked about green tea-growing regions, flavor profiles, and a flurry of other tea facts – all while painting.  We even managed to chat about husbands, puppies, and past teas we’ve experienced.  The evening was so enjoyable that we have opted to host monthly “Blend and Brew” sessions.

While I still hold tight to the fact that I will never be a Monet, there is something very relaxing about having a cup of tea and painting.  I was amazed at how different all of the paintings were, even though everyone was working off the same model.  If given the chance to attend a similar event in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend it!  

Happy painting (and sipping)!