Japan Day 2012 Behance_TeaPot-14Last year I was inspired to design a set of symbols to commemorate Japanese culture in New York and the 100th anniversary of Japan’s donation of cherry trees to the United States. One of the symbols I designed was a teapot. My inspiration for the symbol, which was done in a minimalist style, came from the harmonious forms of Asian teaware as well as the artful craft of the Japanese tea ceremony.

My experience with tea actually embraces a couple of cultures: my Macedonian culture and my wife’s Japanese culture. I have a distinct liking for Macedonian mountain tea, some of which my Uncle hand-picked himself. I have always drunk this tea, but I am just learning about its great benefits. I have also become very fond of Japanese green tea, which I very much enjoy with sweets. In fact, I enjoy the flavor of green tea in foods, such as mochi and ice cream.

When I drink tea, usually with some honey and lemon, it provides a calming and peaceful moment that helps to restore order. It is this feeling I have tried to evoke with my teapot design. Please enjoy my “Japanese Teapot” design, maybe with a cup of tea.