Month: May 2013

The simple joys of a glass of green tea

Tea can be as complicated as you want it to be – what with its rituals and myriad details to handle. At the same time, it can be a simple delight. Being of Chaozhou (home of gongfu tea) descent, I fuss over the little details and…

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In a tea rut

Recently, I’ve found myself in a tea rut. Every morning before work, I make myself a pot of the Georgian Village black tea I love from Tea Embassy, pour most of it into my travel mug, and drink the rest while I finish getting ready…

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Two Japanese Gardens in Northern California

Soon after completing my post, Depictions of Tea in Art, last November, in which I mentioned my favorite painter, Johannes Vermeer, I resumed my journey examining this Dutch master’s work up close and in person…

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Buddhist influence on Chinese tea culture

The popularity of drinking tea among Buddhist monks helped to spread the custom of tea drinking to the common people. During the Tang Dynasty, Buddhism became popular, in particular, the Chan School of Buddhism, which…

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David’s Tea: The new “Starbucks” of tea?

I’m always on the lookout for new tea blends – encountering a new tea blend piques my curiosity. A few months ago, when I was in San Francisco attending the Fancy Food Show, I visited a mall and noticed a small…

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