Month: April 2013

Afternoon tea with Lady Sippington

Within the first few months of working at Ahmad Tea, I had the privilege of meeting graphic designer and tea enthusiast, Lady Sippington (the alter ego of English expat, Nina Daryanani, named by her friends and family after her…

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Is tea research all it is cracked up to be?

There are many reports of research carried out on various types of tea to determine their effectiveness in combating weight gain, cancer, heart disease, and so on. But just how much of this research is meaningful…

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Tea is comforting

Drinking tea brings me comfort. The comfort stems from my memories of when I fell in love with tea. I fell in love with Japanese green teas when I lived for a year in Japan after college. Each day I faced language and cultural…

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A new way of thinking

Sometimes, when you search long enough, dig deep enough, and study hard enough, you find yourself facing an obstacle that comes not from outside, but from within. One’s preconception and understanding become themselves a limitation…

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Have you abandoned tea blends? Tiesta Tea has the power to lure you back

Like many tea lovers, I began my tea journey almost exclusively with tea blends that featured fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices together with an Indian or Sri Lankan black tea. Graced with exotic-sounding names, they opened doors…

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