ineeka_signature_green_limonIt is often my pleasure to be asked to try a tea-related product and review it for T Ching. When the item is tea from an environmentally and socially responsible producer of 100% organic whole-leaf teas, I get a little giddy. When my tea arrived from Ineeka, I could hardly wait to open the package. When I did, I found myself in heaven. The tea bags came in the most wonderful little tins I’d ever seen. A simple push with the thumb revealed two interestingly shaped tea bags. Ineeka has created a unique tea bag delivery system. A quick tear on the tea bag allows you to pour hot water directly over the leaves, while paper “wings” provide a system to secure the bag to the rim of your cup. Very interesting.

The only thing missing from the package was the recommended water temperature for brewing. One could argue, however, that those of us knowledgeable about tea probably have evolved our own water temperature preferences. I do worry a bit about the tea newbie, however.  

IneekaMy first attempt at using the product was a bit haphazard as I tried the system without reading about it. I suspect many people just open things up and blindly forge ahead. I had a bit of trouble with the wings. They just didn’t seem to work properly, with the bag bobbing up above the water a bit. That, of course, led me to read the full directions and voilà – everything worked like a charm.

My taste test was with Green Limon. After opening the bag, I noticed that the amount of leaves in the bag weren’t comparable to the amount I usually use when making a cup of whole-leaf tea. With that in mind, I selected a smaller-than-usual cup for myself. Green tea with lemongrass was the very first green tea I drank on my initial journey into tea, so this was like an old friend. If one insists on using a tea bag, I would recommend that you give this a try. The only time I opt for tea bags is when I’m going out for a meal. I actually bring my own because I don’t want to be disappointed if the restaurant or host doesn’t offer any decent tea after or during a delicious meal. I always come prepared. These beautiful tins are perfect for slipping into your bag, allowing you to have a wonderful cup of tea whereever you go.

The photos accompanying this post are courtesy of the Ineeka website.