Month: March 2013

The myth of clouds and mist

I love Chinese tea stories. They always contain mystical elements. Recently, I discovered a Chinese green tea called “Clouds and Mist” or “Yunwu.” It tastes completely different from any green tea I have ever tasted. Yes, it has…

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The China Tea Book: A diamond in the rough

Luo Jialin’s The China Tea Book has a lot going for it. From a visual perspective, it is nearly flawless. A substantial book at three pounds, it captures the beauty and serenity that defines the birthplace of tea and, much like…

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The inspiration behind my “Have Fun Teapot with Magneto-Bell Lid and Fuchsia Tail”

If a beverage can be an inspiration, tea is mine. I need to explain why this is true. In February, the Arts Guild of Sonoma in California invited me to be a guest artist for their annual Repo Show, a fundraiser for arts programs…

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The mysteries of Chinese tea

It has been twenty years since I first became obsessed with Chinese tea and it has not lost any of its magic pull for me throughout the years. In fact, I am probably even more obsessed today than I was twenty years…

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Innovative tea bag with a wonderful traveling tea tin

It is often my pleasure to be asked to try a tea-related product and review it for T Ching. When the item is tea from an environmentally and socially responsible producer of 100% organic whole-leaf teas, I get a little giddy. When my tea…

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