adamSustainable packaging in the tea world is still in its infancy.  I see examples of it from various purveyors and companies, but few and far between.  If you are a big tea company, you can probably invest in compostable packaging with custom print and other bells and whistles, but if you’re a nano-company like me, running solo and doing all the packaging yourself by hand, your options are limited.

When I started offering tea for purchase back in November, I invested in Kraft Stand-up Pouches.  They look natural and loving, and many companies use them these days.  They work particularly well preserving the freshness of the tea since they are foil-lined and airtight.  You can re-purpose them and reuse them, but ultimately they are not recyclable.  I looked at all sorts of options to maintain sustainability, considering both recyclable as well as biodegradable options.  Packing tea into a biodegradable cellulose bag doesn’t work very well in terms of minimizing moisture and keeping light out.  

Recently, I’ve upgraded from pouches to a fully recyclable paper canister. I have also applied a recycled Kraft paper label with hand-written text for a personal touch and a unique art decal on top for added depth.  Overall, the new packaging is sleek, minimalist, and elegant, and creates a slight air of mystery.