Month: February 2013

Two styles of white tea

I hated my first white tea experience. It was a Lipton white tea blend in a tea bag and it put me off of white tea for years. Then I had real white tea: Silver Needle. Made with tea buds, Sliver Needle tea brews a rich delicate liquid…

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The story behind our smoky tea blends at The Tea Spot

At The Tea Spot, we handcraft a pair of organic smoky teas that we are unabashedly fond of – Russian Caravan and Smokejumper Ginger. Both black loose-leaf teas also come with a tradition, as well as a story steeped…

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An old friend gets a new purpose

I am a strong advocate for using handmade teaware in my daily tea ritual. I believe that when I interact with art on such a personal level, it has a way of touching my soul. Over the years, I’ve collected some beautiful tea cups…

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Kaiseki Ryori

Nowhere in the world has the ritual of tea become more stylized than in Japan. From meticulously manicured tea gardens to the precision of the cha-no-yu tea ceremony, attention to detail in Japan is unrivaled. It should, therefore, come…

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