teapots-cupsOnce upon a time (as I was graduating from high school), I considered myself an amateur photographer.  Lately I’ve been inspired and motivated to take photos again, especially with the ease and adaptability of smartphones, along with several photo applications.  

In a way, these images are but attempts at documenting my ongoing tea experience.  To be able to translate that experience into the realm of art makes it very exciting and explorative.  

liquid-teaThe resulting imagery is thought-provoking, insightful, and ethereal.  I utilize a lot of symmetry, depth-of-field, and elements of design, and I am always seeking out hidden worlds within.

All of the images are digitally taken with an iPhone 4 and are manipulated with the use of several photo applications, including Decim8, Mirrorgram, and Instagram.  You can view a gallery of my photographs on my website or on Instacanv.as.

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The images that accompany this post are samples of my tea photography.