Month: January 2013

Winter solstice singing bowls at Essencha

One of the most important services Essencha offers both inside and outside our teahouse is a unique, memorable experience involving tea. This often takes the place of tea seminars (both on- and offsite), dinners…

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Wild tea in wild Las Vegas

I’m on a mission. You see, I teach tea classes here in Las Vegas. My partner, Ashanti, also loves to teach and the two of us could talk for hours about tea … if it weren’t for our very energetic offspring. Our tea classes range from informational Tea…

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How to keep calm and carry on in New York’s West Village

If you’re yearning for a British fix, before you book that weekend discount ticket to London, try a quick trip to Greenwich Street to see whether that can satisfy your thirst for some authentic English tea…

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Pu’erh tea in the morning

Are you looking for a healthy morning coffee substitute? My customer, Kevin, substituted a 20-year-old pu’erh tea for his morning coffee. Each morning he brews two strong cups and meditates for 30 minutes. The tea gives…

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NASCAR legend Joe Nemechek embraces tea both personally and professionally

When I was given the opportunity a week ago to interview NASCAR legend Joe Nemechek about his new tea venture, I was intrigued. NASCAR racing is not a subject I know much (read: anything) about, so this was an…

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