Year: 2013

Greek mountain tea – a winter favorite

One of the most enjoyable facets of being a tea lover is traveling and encountering local or regional teas that get little attention outside of their native countries or cultures.

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My brother’s first afternoon tea

Last month, while cheering for my alma mater at a football game, I noticed that a few BFsF (Best Friends Forever) sitting next to me possessed authoritative knowledge about the sport.

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Tea at sunrise

As final arrangements are put into place for the upcoming World Tea Tours’ Tea Tour of Fujian, I’m still warmed by the illuminating memory of my visit to Darjeeling in December of 2011.

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How I went from stressed out chef to matcha tea entrepreneur

If you had told me last year I would soon be running a Japanese matcha tea shop, I would have thought you were crazy. You see, unlike a lot of other Japanese tea enthusiasts I know, I haven’t spent years studying the finer points of Japanese tea ceremony.

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Happy holidays from T Ching!

As 2013 comes to a close, we are grateful for our readers and contributors. We are indebted forever to those who plant, maintain, and pluck the leaves that flavor our cups, warm our bodies, and nourish our spirits.

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