old-town-temeculaLast month, my post was about looking for a new home for our retail store.  This month I’m happy to say we found it … or rather, it found us!  When it’s right, it’s just right.
Before the clock strikes midnight on December 31, we are handing the keys over to the new tenants here and moving to a much busier (and more fun) part of our city called Old Town.

A loyal customer who found out that a new tenant had signed a five-year lease for our present space, which we were not willing to sign, asked where we were going.  We said we hadn’t found a new space.  Then the next day, presto – an attorney friend that loyal customer called, who owns one of the most beautiful buildings in Old Town, visited our store and invited us to join the party at his place.  To make things even sweeter (pun intended), there is already an upscale artisan bakery in place as a co-tenant, along with the painted tin ceilings and hardwood floors.  We just have to move our equipment and inventory!

This is very exciting on at least two fronts:

  1. We have always wanted to look into co-branding or space-sharing with a complementary concept that shared our company’s values regarding product and service, so that we could concentrate even more on finding, selling, and educating our customers about the best loose-leaf teas.
  2. Our location just got kicked up several notches in walk-by foot traffic and high visibility, putting us right in the very area we have tried for years to find a space in, but were always beat out by someone who had the time to be quicker on the draw while we were busy plugging away here.

This new location will also help us put quality loose-leaf tea squarely in the area constantly promoted by our city with local TV programming, events, and lots of advertising.  It is, in fact, just blocks from the beautiful new City Hall complex.  It is the core of Temecula and Temecula’s tourist attractions, the secondary being our area wineries, many of which now have tasting rooms in Old Town.  There have been a few high-tea places there over the years, now gone, but our “we’re serious tea merchants having a whole lot of fun” will be something totally new to the area, and pairing that with a high-end dessert company puts the icing on the cake – literally.   

Thanks to T Ching’s Erika and Michelle for their constant encouragement, and to our vendors, who have been wonderful as well.  I truly believe all of us in the specialty tea family are the most supportive industry bunch ever!

If you are in Old Town Temecula (Southern California, about 60 miles north of San Diego) after February 1, look us up.  Onward, tea merchants!!  If change comes, embrace it.  It is often for your best!