The beginning of a new year is often a time for reflection.  For me, reflection and tea go hand and hand.  I’m sitting here with my favorite green tea of the month, looking out into the forest with snow dancing from the sky.  I don’t want to worry that the formal New Year’s times_square_ballEve party we’re scheduled to attend may be cancelled this evening.  It will be if it’s meant to be.  Those in the Pacific Northwest are a hearty bunch and I doubt we’ll let snow interrupt the festivities.  If the universe has other plans, however, a blazing fire and our most treasured tea will be happily consumed in our pajamas.  My husband and I have a ritual of writing our prayers and blessings on a sacred sheet of paper and placing it into the fire.  I look forward to that process of reviewing the past and welcoming the future. 

This has been a challenging year for many around the world.  The recent tragic events in Connecticut have shaken this country to its core.  The senseless slaughter of 20 little souls is painful to contemplate.  Why must we allow such horrors to occur before we make the necessary changes in our policies to prevent this from happening again?  

Let us raise our cups of tea in remembrance of all who’ve been lost to us personally and those sisters and brothers around the globe whose spirits no longer reside on this earth.  

I am grateful to each and every visitor to T Ching, our remarkable guest contributors who have supported us through the years, and our tireless and creative staff whose efforts are responsible for bringing new content to T Ching Monday through Friday, year after year.  May you and your loved ones be blessed with vibrant health and abundant joy in the New Year.  My deepest wish is that we will all live to see the day when peace will surround the globe.