In my last post, I mentioned Teaometry and how it stemmed from the larger Sacred Teaometry.  Well, things are progressing in pleasant ways thus far.  The immediate response from my peers and friends of old has been extremely positive, with the general response from everyone being “It’s about time!”

A few short weeks ago, I began packaging tea and it’s been a constant challenge to rein in my sense of perfectionism with labeling and such.  It’s a fun new way to reach people with something they can embrace at home.  I found it to be more productive to separate the tea from the ritual itself, since gongfu cha, or cha dao, seems to be an acquired taste for most people.

Branding myself with my own logo and colors allows me to stay connected to the teas and the people with whom I’m interfacing.  The ceremonial aspect of how I deal with tea is more of a personal philosophy or school, which I continue to study; I try not to subject people to its subtle nuances.  Anything ceremonial tends to polarize people; I’ve seen clear examples of where people are willing or not willing to go.

I am focusing on organic and wild-harvested teas and a few tisanes.  I’ll always have a puerh or two in stock as well as something herbal for those who are sensitive.  To begin with, I will aim for the crowd that isn’t deeply embedded in the culture of tea, but may want to begin to explore it.  Since I am still a mobile business, I will have a varying selection of teas available on my website.  In addition, I will be spending Sundays this holiday season at the Melrose Trading Post, starting November 25.  The journey has begun.