This post by Jason Witt was originally published on November 30, 2009.  However, it is as timely today as it was then, so we decided it was time for a rerun.

Buying gifts for the holidays can sometimes be a challenge.  What does that certain special someone want?  If they’re hard to shop for, tea just might be your answer.  Most people are thankful if you give them tea.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it’s time to get serious about what you are going to give as Christmas gifts.  But stop and ask yourself…were you grateful for tea when you counted your blessings this year?

You may think this is a bit silly.  Why should tea be elevated among the more serious things to be thankful for?  Because tea is the luxury that’s a necessity, as basic a need as shelter, clothing, and food.

During this recession, a lot of people have given up most luxuries, but kept tea as a much-loved reward for the self.  Tea companies have experienced growth while most of the economy has shrunk.  Tea has boomed in popularity because it has healed so many people of the wounds of the down economy.

Tea soothes the fears of its drinkers when they have very rational reasons to be worried.  Many people know they could lose their homes, but nothing can take away their tea.

And tea may even be a good gift for those who’ve persisted in their affair with coffee.  You may have noticed coffee drinkers are more on edge than other people, because they’ve never realized that coffee gives them a pessimistic outlook.  A little flirtation with tea could be just what they need to make the switch completely.

So consider giving the gift that most people will thank you for – tea.  You can wrap Christmas and Thanksgiving together with this gift and make the holidays this year a time of healing.