Lots of buzz in the world of tea these days! And we love it all! Some stores are closing, some are opening, some are being acquired, and some are still living in the heads and hearts of tea lovers. What does it all mean? It means the tea industry is alive and well – no matter how many are still hanging on or moving on.

Someone’s dream was just purchased for $620 million – not bad for a fifteen-year investment of living out your passion. What’s your passion worth? Yes, some will gripe about the $620 million acquisition out of fear – or is it jealousy? The reality is that the tea industry still needs each and every one of us – no matter how big or small the dream is!

We are all here to open the hearts and minds of as many folks as we can reach. Does the number really matter? I think not. What matters is that while we are on this mission, isn’t it wonderful to simply offer another human being a cup of tea?

I have had the privilege of assisting James Pham with his dream of opening a tea business. The EnlighTea Cafe has just opened three locations in the San Diego area. Everyone’s dream looks different and offers something different simply because we are all individuals.

Think not and worry not about the competition. The tea industry needs more collaborations and less competition. Every tea store closing is sad, but in remembering the souls touched along that journey, the sadness disappears. Every new tea store offers another way to reach out to new tea drinkers and serve the dedicated tea connoisseurs.

It’s all good – just as all tea is good for you. Congratulations, EnlighTea Cafe, Teavana, Starbucks, and Tazo. To those who have surrendered their tea businesses this past year – but not their dream – it will surely manifest in another way. This is the way of the universe.