Month: November 2012

An online contemporary teapot exhibit

In many Asian countries, the annual ritual of spring cleaning is carried out during the Lunar New Year holiday. After moving to the States, my family found Thanksgiving weekend most suitable for observing this tradition…

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Afternoon tea

It’s always a pleasure to be contacted by a publisher to review a tea-related book. Delphinium Books, which has a unique distribution relationship with Harper Collins, sent me a sweet little series of three books…

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Bird’s Eye Tea: Handcrafted organic teas and tisanes perfect for cooler days – Part 2

In my last post, I began my exploration of the teas and tisanes I received from Bird’s Eye Tea. In this post, I conclude that exploration, beginning with my revised instructions for making…

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Tea brings the holidays together

Buying gifts for the holidays can sometimes be a challenge. What does that certain special someone want? If they’re hard to shop for, tea just might be your answer. Most people are thankful if you give them…

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