If you love tea, you might know from experience that sometimes it isn’t enough just to drink it.  You want to learn about it, talk about it, and look forward to those moments when you randomly come across it.  Personally, my enthusiasm for Camellia sinensis has extended to several creative realms, including film and television.  
While finishing graduate school and using lots of television watching to cope with stress (I know, maybe it wasn’t the best way to cope), I discovered that the movies and TV shows I was viewing often had random scenes involving whistling tea kettles, people using tea to ease awkward situations, and even detectives using tea to solve crimes.  I felt pretty excited to come across these references and decided to start compiling a list.  It dawned on me, however, that it would be really difficult for one person to face such a large task, even one as quirky and rewarding.
Now T Ching is taking my compulsion a step further and asking that the writers and readers at T Ching submit their own favorite film and TV quotes around tea.  If you love tea, chances are that you notice it come up on the silver screen all the time, sometimes while you are actually sipping your own cup.

Here are the contest details:

  • Submit one tea-related TV or film quote and a brief description of the context and/or scene – just one per person.
  • The contest runs from Monday, October 22, to Monday, November 5.
  • Post your entry on T Ching’s Facebook wall or send a copy to ahoover@tching.com.
  • The winner’s quote will be featured on our T Ching site with credit given to the winner.