As I mentioned in my last post, my family and I just returned from a glorious trip to Washington, D.C.  My husband thinks we went to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, but I know we went because I had a laundry list of tea places to stop by.  That said, let me get right to it!

Teaism Penn Quarter – Really cute cafe with an adjoining retail shop and within walking distance of the White House.  We actually went twice, so the first time we went I had a Chai and the second time I tried their Sencha Okabe.  Both were delightful and even though it was sweltering I chugged them both.  In fact, we even bought a couple of ounces of the Sencha so we could make tea in our hotel room.  It has quickly become one of my favorite greens!

Founding Farmers – This restaurant is owned by farmers and the food they serve is sustainable and delicious.  Not a tea-specific location by any means, but the place is super cool and their tea options were unique.  I have no idea who they source through, but I tried the Farmer’s Blend served via an iron kettle and the tea was totally enjoyable.

Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant – We decided to do a little travel outside of DC and Mount Vernon seemed like a fantastic place to visit.  After our tour, we popped in for a quick bite and I was a little disappointed to see that their only tea offerings were bagged.  Considering Washington’s love of tea, I guess I expected something grander.  That said, they serve their tea by the pot, and I liked the little silver pewter pots.

On top of these three options for hot tea, I am pretty sure I drank a dozen gallons or so of iced tea – some sweetened, some plain.  All thirst quenching and hydrating – which is important for a desert girl in 90 degree/90%-humidity-type weather.

Being that I really was there to celebrate my anniversary, I think three tea spots during a six-day trip is pretty good!  Still on my list to visit at a later date … Capital Teas and Ching Ching Cha!