Health is something that is very important to me. Each and every day, I strive for optimum health and tea has become quite a big part of that.  I began my tea journey about eight years ago and have fallen deeper and deeper in love with tea each day.  There are so many amazing teas out there and they each have amazing health benefits.

I usually start my day with a cup of green tea. Green tea to me is an essential part of my health journey. I love all of its benefits and I feel that with every sip I am bettering my body and myself. There have been tons of research done on green tea and its benefits.  Green tea’s ability to fight cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes make it a healthy powerhouse. So why not enjoy a tasty cup of green tea once (or twice) a day and reap the benefits of putting it into your body? I currently love my morning green tea with a few drops of vanilla stevia. It is so delicious and adds a different twist to plain green tea.

Another tea that I love for its health benefits is rooibos tea. One of the main things I love about rooibos tea is that it is naturally caffeine-free. This is a tea that I can drink in the evening without worrying whether it’s going to keep me awake all night!  Some studies have suggested that rooibos may even have greater health benefits than green tea.  Rooibos tea has been said to boost the immune system, deliver anti-inflammatory benefits, reduce heart disease, and lower blood pressure. I’ve been enjoying my rooibos in chai form. This fall weather has caused me to make many tea lattes, most including rooibos.

I challenge everyone to drink one cup of green and / or rooibos tea everyday. What a great feeling to be bettering our bodies with each sip!