Month: October 2012

2,000 cups of tea a day

A short five-minute drive from the American University of Sharjah in Sharjah, UAE (that’s the United Arab Emirates, a small nation that borders Saudi Arabia) is the Royal Tea Cafeteria. Over the past seven…

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Combining tea and coaching to help women entrepreneurs succeed

As tea devotees, I don’t have to tell you that tea goes with every occasion. For those of you who have done business abroad, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, you are well aware that without tea, there is no business – the two…

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Builder’s tea

“Working man’s tea, known better as “builder’s tea,” is everywhere in England. Most places are still serving it – and most people are still drinking it, even if they never pick up a hammer or saw…

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Product review: Flash Chill Tea Maker from Takeya

I realize that most tea drinkers are moving from iced tea to hot tea as we enter cooler weather in much of the country. I, too, adore hot tea on a chilly day, yet I still find a fresh glass of iced tea after a workout…

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