Month: August 2012

A history of tea timeline

Tea is as synonymous with Britain as high performance motor cars are with Germany. Despite this, the culture of tea drinking took many centuries to catch on in the UK, and when one delves into its history, a fascinating story emerges…

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Tea as a productivity ritual

“Work smarter, not harder” is one of those platitudes that crops up in corporate-speak as the answer to higher productivity. As companies continue to squeeze more out of less and harbor delusions that sleep, downtime, family time…

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Tea and meditation

I became more serious about tea around the same time I began exploring meditation as part of my everyday life. These two practices go hand-in-hand – they are both contemplative, slow-paced activities that help…

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Exploring the Hawaii-grown tea industry

I was first introduced to Hawaii-grown tea a little over a year ago as an MBA student at the University of Hawaii. During a consulting project with the College of Tropic Agriculture and Human Resources, my partner…

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